Sunday, May 8

On the Farm...

Yeh. Yeh. I know. Time has eluded me once again!   I do desire to be here, to write and record, if only for my own record. I will soon have some sweet things I am going to want to record and share on a regular basis.   So... once again I am trying to engage and stay as I once did years ago, writing the story of our simple every day lives and the adventures here at Erilyn Farms!

Since I last made an entry we received a large shipment of baby chicks in the mail; 12 of which were our yearly order of meat birds (jumbo cornish rocks).   Sadly last night we lost 7 of them to some beastly predator.  You cannot imagine my saddened state when I entered the area to feed the meat birds early this morning.   I collected them up and swore off ever getting another animal to raise here on this farm.  Of course that was, hogwash.   We are now on the hunt for a young donkey to come live out his/her days on the farm as our predatory protector of the creatures who call this home.

Eric has been working incredibly hard for the last week or so getting everything in order for our milking parlor, refrigeration of milk etc.  He rewired the whole barn since he was working with the electrical he decided to go ahead and get everything up to code and proper.   Soon Fiona, our Guernsey will give birth to her first calf, we C A N hardly wait!

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