Sunday, October 30

*scenic Sunday

purple cabbage beginning its journey

beautiful broccoli nearing it's end

blue green dewy foliage

winter squash galore, spaghetti squash!

acorn squash will soon be ready for picking

and my favorite of all - butternut squash

I planted a mixed package of winter squash seeds, my favorite being the butternut squash.  It seems that we only ended up with two butternut plants, numerous acorn  and numerous spaghetti squash plants.   What do you have planted in your fall garden this year?  I STILL have onions, garlic and beet seeds to get into the ground! It has to happen this week! 

Saturday, October 29

* i am seeing thRED!

I truly am seeing thread - EVERY WHERE and I love it!  I recently stitched these out and I am in love with these designs.  The stitch out is one color, but it could be any color you choose.    These flour sack dish towels now have a bit of pizazz and will add charm to any kitchen.  If you would like to see these in your kitchen head on over to my etsy shop and put them in your shopping bag, so I can package them up for you!

Friday, October 28

*new morning

morning, breaking dawn

beginning, a fresh start

 a clean slate

new mercies (EVERY MORNING)

day break, sunrise

 daybreak - both an ending and  a new beginning


 new adventures
This morning when I got up to see Henry off to school, the fog was thick.  I love getting up at this hour each morning, just before dawn and watching the sun rise. This has not always been my story.  I would have much rather stayed in bed and snoozed as long as I possibly could in years past.  Of course the animals (chickens, goats, rabbits, dog, and cats) wont allow it either, so it is not as if I have a choice!   I hope each of you have an amazing day! 

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Tuesday, October 25

*seasonal changes

Today I took the funky fun pillows from the back porch area and dressed them up for the fall season.

  When the fall season has passed I will simply loosen the stitches along the top to remove the seasonal cover.

  Precious has made this her lounging place, she is thrilled that I decorated her bedding area with fall colors!

  Happy Fall Ya'll!

Sunday, October 23

*scenic Sunday

May you live each day to the fullest, and seize each opportunity to make a difference in someone's life as often as you are presented one.  Scenic Sunday this weekend was a peaceful walk at sunset on the Emerald Coast.  The nights have been in the mid 30's all this week, but the days have been warming up so each beach going enthusiast indulge themselves in the warm weather while it is still possible.  May each of you have a wonderful week!

Saturday, October 22

*celebrate good times, come on!

Our house (in NC) sold!

It is worth celebrating.  The truth is, we have had many things to celebrate since our house went on the market a year ago - yes it was on the market for a full year.

Eric left NC in March, so it has been vacant for 6 or so months.  It was a long wait. I know full well that God was doing something all along the way. We were pounding the Heavens with prayers (many of you along with us) and we asked His will to be done, in His timing.  Of course it was done in His timing, but I must tell you that from the time of the offer, til the closing, God was "showing off".  Everyone we have worked with from our agent, to the buyer to the closing agent to the contractor doing repairs, was phenomenal - picture perfect!  We went from an offer in first week in October and closed in the 3rd week of the same month.  Astonishing.

This home holds many special memories for our family and many dear friends, those we will cherish for many years to come, but we are grateful that this house will now become someone elses home.  May as much love, peace and joy - no, may more, fill this house as did when our family lived there.  Good Bye North Carolina, our heart will be fully in Florida now.

Thursday, October 20

*becoming self sufficient (food wise)

We have chosen this life of being more self sufficient. Less dependent on the normal American food supply that a large majority of our country rely on for putting food on their tables.  We started stepping out of the box a number of years ago by reducing the amount of "table salt" and kind of salt that we use, the amounts of refined sugar we use and changing that to other natural sweeteners such as sucanat, honey and agave nectar along with the introduction of grinding our own wheat for flour needs.   Now, just like anything, we have gone through our "rid the house of ALL the white stuff" and then back to a happy medium for our family.  Growing your own meat, vegetables and fruit insures that you know what is going into it, how it is prepared, what it is NOT being preserved with before it hits your table.

We are now choosing to grow as much of our own produce in season as possible.  We planted a huge garden in the spring and this fall we have a good sized garden as well. This past week we dug, well Momma dug about a bushel of sweet potatoes.  Delicious sweet potatoes that I didn't think existed. Surprise!

Growing nicely in the perennial patch of our vegetable garden you will find asparagus, tons of beautiful strawberry plants, basil, thyme, and a few other herbs. 

Summer squash are not just for the summer! 

 These are our beautiful asparagus  plants flourishing nicely! (see the corn in the background?)

In our garden this fall you will find summer squash, pink eye peas, butternut squash, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, corn, broccoli, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, a few tomatoes, traditional cabbage, and this week I plant sweet onions, red onions and garlic!   

Sometime in the next month we will have to purchase potatoes for the first time since April, and we are a big potato eating family.  (fried potato slices, fried potato wedges, mashed potatoes, potatoes for numerous soups, baked potatoes.... yadda yadda)  And just this week we purchased onions for the first time since late spring as well.

Years of leaves have laid on the ground here at what is now known as Erilyn.  I was really thrilled to find this the case, once I got past the reality that they do not magically get raked up and that a ton of effort has to be put forth to get them up, I was thrilled.  My mother truly has been instrumental in getting the majority of leaves raked up. Once we got the broken down, decayed leaves up, we headed straight to the gardens!  The decayed leaves add such richness to the soil in the garden and do magic at keeping down the weed and grass growth.

I encourage you to consider a plot in your yard for some vegetables this coming spring!  What about the flower bed on your property? One potato plant can yield you enough potatoes to make mashed potatoes for a family of 6 to 8.  Get creative, use the space you have!

*whats up

Happy Fall Ya'll!  My mother arrived here two weeks ago so I have been enjoying her. Her stay this time has come to a quicker end than she had initially intended due to her concern for her furry feline's medical needs. Today she packed up her little car and drove back to Georgia.  When I say no leaf was left unturned, I speak in the literal sense!  Momma loves to work in the yards with raking being on of her favorite things to do. She raked, piled up and loaded up wagon load after wagon load for the garden.  I told her just the other day that upon her leaving we would have to write her a check for all the labor she put in.  The property looks amazing.

The past few weeks we have had more unusual fungus growth about the property.  This time it was mushrooms in multiples!  They were growing in the cracks of the trees, the roots of the trees, and all over the ground.

I love the way each of them are so unique. Interesting.
Since our last Chick-Inn report there has been some activity, some ill activity that is. We have now killed a snake (rat snake) in our coop, lost one of our Barred Rock hens to something, and killed a opossum around our coop.  Some of our chickens have started to molt a bit and of course the egg production has slowed down a bit as well.

A new rabbit litter is due this week! (we have two does that are ready to deliver) Our first litter is still living - we decided to let them mature a bit more before butcher day.  Can't wait to take pics of those new little critters to share with you all!

Our vacant NC home is CLOSING tomorrow, we signed legal documents today and will be sending them over night via UPS today.  It is such a blessed relief.

I have some new sewing projects that I hope to share with you soon!

Tuesday, October 11

*daylight is coming

These two pictures were taken early one morning on my quick drive to take Henry to school.    I am constantly arrested by God's beauty all around me and I love to share such beauty on my side of the world!  Since my camera was not in the car with me, I used the camera on my Droid. I was quite pleased with the capture!

The dawn is breaking.  Thankfully He IS our rear guard!

(~we currently have a working offer on our home in NC, appraisal, inspections etc ensue. If all goes well, the new owners will take possession in less than a month!  Thanks to each of you who have prayed over this along with us!)

Sunday, October 2

*scenic Sunday

Ms Trump bids you a good day!

 Munchie suggest you rest.  He is trying to set the example.

Frayja followed Munchies lead, rest is on her Sunday agenda!

This evening when I was out in the garden I was able to lay my eyes on this beauty, the Gulf Fritillary.

I have always wanted Golden Rod growing in my yard. This is on our property in the back and today, I was made to be filled with joy  - another small gift tucked away for me! 

 This big bunch grows on our fence line, paired up with the clear blue sky was absolutely gorgeous to me! I hope you have a great week! Sunday was treated just as it should, a day of rest. A day of reflecting Him, well every day is that day!