Saturday, October 1

*sew and sew

I have been having a blast in my free time sewing away! I told you of the Coop Keeper aprons, and this weekend I decided to make a few more aprons. Truly I should hold them until Christmas as gifts.. but I am terrible about  saving things for a "gift giving occasion".  It is one of my many flaws, that friends and family benefit from!

OK, so Henry is NOT Baby Girl, but he does not mind modeling his "sister's" apron for me.  He is such a good sport, and pretty handsome too!

This apron was created a sweet 17 year old young lady in my life, Mary.  She loves all things zebra print and while this is not really zebra print.. it is close enough and paired with pink you get  - FABULOUS.  I did not use a pattern for this apron either, I simply winged it and designed as I went.  Mary's mother calls her "Baby Girl", so this is what I embroidered on her apron. I wish I could deliver this in person, but I thank God for mail delivery services that can do it in my stead.

 YES. Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate!

This apron was created for a sweet 22 year old young lady in my life (Mary's sister), Sarah.  This particular apron was made loosely following a pattern by Indigo Junction (I think).  I will be making some modifications to the pattern, while it is very cute, I feel like I may be able to improve on the design a bit to better suit me.

Aprons! Aprons! I heart aprons! I am hoping to add these to my Etsy store as well, once I get it opened. I will offer apron with personalized embroidery on the front.  Keep you eyes open for my Etsy store opening.


  1. Your aprons are wonderful and Henry is a great sport! I love the quilty one :)


  2. Lynnie, the aprons are gorgeous! I am sure the recipients will be overjoyed when the aprons arrive. You are so talented. Henry is both a good sport and a handsome young man. I know you are proud of him.

  3. As I was reading this post I was thinking that you needed to make these adorable aprons and sell them on Etsy! Great minds think alike!

    Some day I hope to be able to make some cute aprons too! In the meantime, I just might have to buy one of yours!

    I LOVE the coop keeper aprons! I hope you'll let us know when your shop is up & running! I just got mine up yesterday. I only have a few things on there so I haven't posted about it.
    Soon though!

    And oh, how lucky are you to have such a nice embroider machine given to you! Awesome!

  4. OK! Mary is so gonna love this and after they arrive I will go back and let her see her brother modeling because she will just LOVE that part! & of course Sarah will adore hers too! You really have been sewing a lot. Keep that sewing room floor filled with scraps and it will fill your heart with joy!

  5. oooohhhh how cute are these and henry, sure can rock an apron!! what a sport!!


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