Sunday, October 30

*scenic Sunday

purple cabbage beginning its journey

beautiful broccoli nearing it's end

blue green dewy foliage

winter squash galore, spaghetti squash!

acorn squash will soon be ready for picking

and my favorite of all - butternut squash

I planted a mixed package of winter squash seeds, my favorite being the butternut squash.  It seems that we only ended up with two butternut plants, numerous acorn  and numerous spaghetti squash plants.   What do you have planted in your fall garden this year?  I STILL have onions, garlic and beet seeds to get into the ground! It has to happen this week! 


  1. The dew is beautiful and that produce looks delicious!

  2. Looks like some beautiful veggies headed for your table! Too much rain = a poor year for our garden :(

    Love your new header!

  3. Oh Tammy I am sorry... we have had so very little rain here. I am constantly putting water to the plants. Wishing you a better spring garden! Thanks to each of you for commenting!


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