Wednesday, November 2

*just beachy

It is great to have fans!  You know you have fans when you get emails that say, "um... we are tired of looking at Scenic Sunday", or whatever the last post might have been.  This is the reason I blog!  I love ya'll!

Farming's least demanding time has to be the late fall and winter months. This means, I will be getting my sewing time in! WOOT!  I do have a fall healthy fall garden that requires some attention, but nothing like the large spring/summer vegetables that we put in this past season.  We sure are enjoying the fruits of the labor from this summer I must say!

I have at least 7 WIP's (works in progress) and I here I am starting a new project?!  I must say I did give some thought to finishing up one of the unfinished projects, but in the end I decided to begin this new quilt which will be given as a gift.  Since the Christmas season is coming soon I felt the timing was good. 

First I chose some off white, tone on tone or lightly printed fabrics as the backgrounds which would soon be the foundation for some embroidered seashells.  I love these! I love red work and initially thought of stitching them out in red, but felt that the brown would be the best choice.  I think I made the right decision because I am in love with the way the first block turned out.

I started with a 6.5 inch block to embroider the shells onto, and after adding the flying geese units my blocks will be 12 inches square.  I had to go "shopping" on my shelves in the sewing studio to find some great fabrics to pair up with these shells. I picked some reds, browns, tans and a bit of green dashed in.  I still need to round a few more up in order to have the right number to finish all 10 blocks. I hope to share the finished blocks within a week or so.

This is a friendship block that will be paired with numerous other blocks to finish up a quilt for a dear friend!  There are many variations of the friendship block, but this is the one I chose to work with this time around.  I will be bringing you a finished quilt top soon (hopefully).


  1. WOW!!! Those blocks are beautiful! That is one lucky friend! I can't wait to see the finished project!

    BTW, your sewing projects inspire me to keep plugging away at learning on my own with my small projects! Thanks!

  2. She is going to love that block! And your collection of shells is wonderful.


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