Wednesday, November 30

*ready, set, come on 27 degrees

Our Goats are ready.
They are set.
Come on 27 degree temps, they can handle it! (I hope)

 When last at the community thrift store in our little town, I chose three sweater type tops for our goats winter sleepers.  Two of the tree night shirts turned out rather nicely, I have to make a new one for Neffie tomorrow, but for now she is wearing the one that doesn't fit as well as I would like.

This particular shirt didn't work so well because of the neckline.   The serger made this job easy but a sewing machine would do the job nicely as well. I think our goats are going to be very grateful for their "goat coats" over the next few days. We are supposed to have 27 degrees for several nights in a row with much milder temps during the day.

Bodie say's good night, sleep tight!


  1. So cute! How in the world did you get them on the goats? Apparently, they didn't mind!

    I haven't even looked at the weather lately. I probably should seeing as none of my plants except the staghorn fern is in the greenhouse yet... We're further South than you so hopefully we'll be OK for a couple of days!

  2. How spiffy they look donning their winter sweaters :)


  3. Lynette, What a treat to visit your blog! Oh, I'm in love with your dear goats...not to mention their warm coats. Thank you for your very kind words and comment. I would like to ask you to consider linking -up at 'Encourage One Another' Wednesday. If this is anything like the other things you write about, it will bless the socks off many ladies :) Grace and blessings to you and your household!

  4. It just occurred to me that you are 'Mephibosheth' dining at the table of King David. I love the analogy :)

  5. Yes! Jacqueline! I love that too and thanks for the invite to link up!

  6. My poor milking doe has been shivering whenever it is damp in the morning here in AZ. I usually drape my jacket over her while milking and she quits shivering pretty quickly. I keep thinking I need to make her a goat coat and yours have inspired me! Thanks! :)

  7. Well, I can honestly say I've never worn a coat. My human wouldn't be nice enough to do that for me, so I've just got to grow my own coat.

  8. Millie!!! Come on over, I will make you a coat if you should have below freezing weather, if you would like!


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