Monday, November 7

*owl inspiration

I have always adored owls.  This past week Pioneer Woman wrote about some adorable owls that a friend sent her and I was inspired. I took a break from the beachy quilting project and went out on a limb to create some whimsy owls!  What do you think?

Pirate Owl.  I am not finished with this one just yet. I am thinking about adding some type of nautical stuff on the pillow back ground before I sew it all together.  I am not crazy about the pirate fabric as the background - I think the placement of the print is not perfect, but doable I suppose.   This will soon be up in my Etsy shop!

 Airborne Owl.  I think this one is my favorite so far!   I have not stuffed this whimsical one just yet, so I am considering an additional change to the background of this one  as well. I was thinking some parachute lines connecting to the owl descending from above.. we will see.  This will also be joining my Etsy space as well.

Woodsy Owl.  Mr. Woodsy was my first owl pillow creation and I worked into the wee hours of the morning finishing him up. Perhaps after looking at him the next morning, NOT working so late into the wee hours of the morning would have been recommended.  Do you notice they eyes? How crooked they are? I have "completed" this pillow.  I will be removing the stitches that closed up the pillow where I stuffed it, so I can correct the crooked eye. It is a pain, but I am not willing to live with the terribly offset eye.  I suppose when I tacked the eye unit in place with my machine, it shifted a bit.  I am sure I will be much happier with the project when the eye is more symmetrical. 

I did get more work done on the beach themed quilt as well as the fun pillows this weekend.  Now back to the quilt top I go!


  1. very cute. Actually I kinda like the crooked eye. It's character!

  2. Totally adorable!!! Will this be in your shop?
    (Love & miss you)


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