Saturday, November 19

*the big reveal...

The piecing is finished!   I am thrilled with the results.  In the beginning I was not sure what I was going to use as setting blocks and sashing, but this paisley fabric worked perfectly!  I think it really ties all the colors in the friendship block together nicely.

Initially I was going to stitch out some scriptures on some blocks that would go in the center of the quilt that related to the shore or ocean, but my skills with the embroidery machine are not quite at that level yet!     So.. instead I stitched out my one of my friends favorite sayings in the center of the quilt.  The center of the quilt and the outer border are the same fabric.

We will have a full house come this week and I am thrilled about it, but after our family heads back home I will get this set in so I can get it under the needle!  What do you think?

~Until next time,


  1. Thanks! Yes, I guess it is a quote and not a saying, LOL.

  2. This is wonderful! And you've made such good progress on it already.

  3. I agree, the paisley is simply perfect! Great job and will love to see it quilted.

  4. Absolutely awesome,I love!Great job.

  5. there a pattern for this quilt??


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