Tuesday, November 29

*wreck the halls

When my sisters and I were growing up, we enjoyed the beginning of the Christmas season as soon as Thanksgiving left overs were being put away.  Momma would pull out the tree and ornaments the day after Thanksgiving for us to help ornamate.  I have carried the tradition on throughout the years and this year is no different.    Since our den is rather cozy, we chose a 5 foot tree and then trimmed it up a bit to fit the space nicely.   We also chose a 5 foot live tree for our dining room area as well. The price was right! In the past I have paid upwards to $45 for a 7 or 8 foot live tree, but this year I got two trees for $20.

Sadly, I did not get any pictures, but my niece Kierstyn was here when we started to ornamate the trees, she did a great job helping to get the process started. It was really fun to have a young one helping again! Henry is great at helping in the merriment process as well, but on this day he was off with his older brother (who deploys again soon). Do  you like my made up word: ornamate? It means to put ornaments on the tree and about the house!

This is one of my favorite nativity scenes that we own, to me it is simplistic and humble, I love it.  Can you imagine how humbled Mary must have felt? To know, that she was chosen to carry this Gift?

Joy. This time we celebrate is about JOY that came to Earth. It was The Real Biggest Greatest Giveaway EVER!

This tree needs a little bit of something just yet, but it is a beautiful tree (especially for $10!)

I encourage you, Enjoy The Season.  Years past I would become closed up to the HOOPLA  of the Christmastime Season.  I would basically shut down, not shop at Walmart at all from Thanksgiving until mid January. But it is a great time to spread Joy, truly anytime is a great time to do that!  Seek out a face that needs a smile, a kind word. I encourage you to drive through a fast food line and pay for the person behind you, or through Starbucks - buy someone unsuspecting their coffee order. You can make a card that says something like : Jesus gave freely, so I freely give to you today or simply ask the barista to tell them Merry Christmas!

Every day you have an opportunity to bring Joy to someone. From the postal carrier, your children, your husband, the sales clerk at any given store you visit to the neighbor next door.  Things are better caught than taught. We have to learn to speak with our actions, not our words. Tis better to let the Holy Spirit change one, than try and do it ourselves?!  Live with actions that speak louder than words.

This is likely the only snow men I will see here in Florida, and that is fine by me. I have always enjoyed the few snowy days we got in NC, but my heart is content here, and I will be fine without snow, He has given me so much more!

So far we have not had any wrecking! But in years past this has been our cats theme song:

Wreck the halls with two cats running,
Fa-la-la-la-la   la-la-la-la
Fur goes flying, lamps get done in,
Fa-la-la-la-la   la-la-la-la
Tumbling swiftly down the stair way,
Fa-la-la-la-la   la-la-la-la
Woe to those who get in their way,
Fa-la-la-la-la   la-la-la-la
(sung to Deck the Halls)  - by Laurie Loughlin of Catmas Carols

Make your days merry and bright, you have a choice based on your attitude.  I have chosen a poor attitude in the past towards Christmas. I would repeat that I hate the commercialism, and I do, but I choose not to let that ruin my celebration of love this year. I think having had my family here during the Thanksgiving holiday has given me a heart bursting with joy and gratitude. I am so grateful for that time. I can hardly wait to run into "town" and complete my errands later this week, with a few simple treasures here from home to possibly make someone smile out there.  After all, it is the Greatest Giveaway!  May your month be filled with moments of giving something away. I will give my couple of Starbucks a month away this month, I will give away some pickles and other things we canned this summer, I will give away a smile to a weary cashier, I plan to seek out the unloved and pray they see HIM through me, I will give away a kind word to someone in great need of it, I will give away gratitude and a small token to the firefighters, policemen of our area, I will give away His love as best I can.   What will you give away all for Love's sake?

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  1. Great job getting your decorations out so early! I really love the birds!

  2. The tree is beautiful!
    My kiddos and I had a good laugh while reading this post...we decided to sing the cat wrecking the halls song lyrics you posted. ha!

  3. What a beautiful post, Lynnie. I'm looking for the ways to be a part of the greatest giveaway ever! You make me smile!

  4. The Greatest Giveaway! So many good suggestions! And I love your made-up word. I'm inspired to begin ornamating tomorrow!

  5. Lynnie, I will give away time! Time to those I love and those I just met :)Whoever I come in contact with...I couldn't agree more. I LOVE your pictures and am so thankful you shared your wonderful perspective with Deeprootsathome!!!
    Blessings to you and your family!


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