Monday, November 14

*fragile and limited

life, fragile and limited

Just this past week I have had presented to me, opportunity to reflect on life. Not that I can't reflect on it as often as I wish, however we lost two dear family members this past week.  It makes you survey their lives, count the blessings again, remember the good times and realize how much you will miss them when they are gone.  Losing a family member or close friend makes you stop and survey what you are doing with yours. Are you making it count? Are you touching and changing lives for the Kingdom? Are you doing things daily for God and country (the country men you live around)? 

Due to some medical reasons I was not able to travel to Georgia for my Uncle's funeral, nor my Great Aunts.  I was torn, ripped, troubled by not being able to jump in the car and drive over to be with my Aunt and cousins. I know that they will probably never read this post, but I am posting this in honor of my dear Uncle Junior. 

Uncle Junior was one of those Uncles that you knew you were going to have a great time around. He was loving, fun, compassionate and FUNNY as well as silly. He was one of those dads that was nurturing with his young well into adulthood.  He was firm when needed but always kind and loving - He will be dearly missed.   We grew up just a few short miles from each other and I always felt welcome at their home.  I know that he will be greatly missed and I am thankful for the place he played in my life.   Uncle Junior, we will miss you.

Aunt Becky, Uncle Jr, Chris and William (other son Terry is not pictured)

Uncle Jr, Daddy, Aunt Mary and Granny (their mother)

My dad, William and his dad- Uncle Jr

Rest in Peace! So grateful to know that you are now dancing in His presence!


  1. I'm so sorry for your recent losses, Lynnie. I understand what you mean about it giving you opportunity to stop and reflect on life. I've not forgotten you...will write soon.

    Hugs to you,

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and yours.

  3. Praying that fond memories would flood your mind of dear Uncle Joe. Praying that his family would be comforted in their loss and whatever is going on at your place that kept you from going would be resolved. Love to you. ~Trina


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