Monday, November 28


Today as I got ready to go out the door into the somewhat brisk weather, I grabbed my black leather jacket that I haven't worn since last winter.  As I put it on, I felt a "treasure" in the front left pocket. Once I had the jacket on, I reached in to see what it was hiding in there since last winter.

Um. Well. I was not thrilled to find a mozzarella cheese stick in my coat pocket!  We use these as treats with Frayja and she obviously wasn't a good girl on this particular day because the treat remained in my pocket for many months. 

And in the other pocket was $5 and some change...
Do you find treasure in your coat pockets like me at the beginning of the new winter season? You never know when you  might need a moldy cheese stick or a few bucks. 

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  1. Ew! I like the money treasure though, lol!

    I've found money before in jackets from a previous winter but never a moldy cheese stick! That's too funny!


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