Sunday, October 2

*scenic Sunday

Ms Trump bids you a good day!

 Munchie suggest you rest.  He is trying to set the example.

Frayja followed Munchies lead, rest is on her Sunday agenda!

This evening when I was out in the garden I was able to lay my eyes on this beauty, the Gulf Fritillary.

I have always wanted Golden Rod growing in my yard. This is on our property in the back and today, I was made to be filled with joy  - another small gift tucked away for me! 

 This big bunch grows on our fence line, paired up with the clear blue sky was absolutely gorgeous to me! I hope you have a great week! Sunday was treated just as it should, a day of rest. A day of reflecting Him, well every day is that day! 



  1. I love Muchie's way of thinking. ;-) Your photography is outstanding, as usual, Lynnie.

  2. Aren't they just living a good life? Very cute shots!

    Smell The Rose

  3. What a perfect Sunday. Ms Trump is simply gorgeous!
    I'm so glad you got your Goldenrod. We have bunches of it growing along our driveway. (The things I plant in my yard don't seem too happy, but weeds love it here). Come November, those golden flowers will turn to white. I like to use the dried white version on my Christmas tree. It looks a bit like baby's breath nestled between the branches. I usually apply a light spray of spray on sealer to it to help it last the season and reduce allergins.
    Thanks for linking up again this week. I love seeing you there :)

  4. Great photos! I think the animals have the perfect idea for Sundays. I enjoy an afternoon nap myself on Sundays!

    I LOVE Ms. Trump... I see how she got her name... hilarious!

  5. Mrs Trump is just so gorgeous with her fancy headwear!
    Beautiful garden shots - what a lovely blue sky too :D)

  6. Beautiful photos! A nap does sound good, even if it is on a Tuesday! :)


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