Friday, October 28

*new morning

morning, breaking dawn

beginning, a fresh start

 a clean slate

new mercies (EVERY MORNING)

day break, sunrise

 daybreak - both an ending and  a new beginning


 new adventures
This morning when I got up to see Henry off to school, the fog was thick.  I love getting up at this hour each morning, just before dawn and watching the sun rise. This has not always been my story.  I would have much rather stayed in bed and snoozed as long as I possibly could in years past.  Of course the animals (chickens, goats, rabbits, dog, and cats) wont allow it either, so it is not as if I have a choice!   I hope each of you have an amazing day! 

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  1. Beautiful pics, Lynnie! I have always loved fog...yours is especially amazing!

  2. These are beautiful and refreshing photos.

  3. Beautiful morning shots! I love the fog too.

  4. Over from Farm Photo Friday blog hop - great pictures! Blessings from Wisconsin.


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