Thursday, October 20

*whats up

Happy Fall Ya'll!  My mother arrived here two weeks ago so I have been enjoying her. Her stay this time has come to a quicker end than she had initially intended due to her concern for her furry feline's medical needs. Today she packed up her little car and drove back to Georgia.  When I say no leaf was left unturned, I speak in the literal sense!  Momma loves to work in the yards with raking being on of her favorite things to do. She raked, piled up and loaded up wagon load after wagon load for the garden.  I told her just the other day that upon her leaving we would have to write her a check for all the labor she put in.  The property looks amazing.

The past few weeks we have had more unusual fungus growth about the property.  This time it was mushrooms in multiples!  They were growing in the cracks of the trees, the roots of the trees, and all over the ground.

I love the way each of them are so unique. Interesting.
Since our last Chick-Inn report there has been some activity, some ill activity that is. We have now killed a snake (rat snake) in our coop, lost one of our Barred Rock hens to something, and killed a opossum around our coop.  Some of our chickens have started to molt a bit and of course the egg production has slowed down a bit as well.

A new rabbit litter is due this week! (we have two does that are ready to deliver) Our first litter is still living - we decided to let them mature a bit more before butcher day.  Can't wait to take pics of those new little critters to share with you all!

Our vacant NC home is CLOSING tomorrow, we signed legal documents today and will be sending them over night via UPS today.  It is such a blessed relief.

I have some new sewing projects that I hope to share with you soon!


  1. Lynnie -- I love your homestead updates!! Great Mom you have....such a blessing! Your property is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing your bunnies -- my granddad raised meat rabbits when I was a kid and we ate a lot of it -- very good :)


  2. Thrilled for you!!!! My son if we ever raise rabbits to eat he wont visit us anymore.LOL Praising the Lord with you about your house!!~Trina


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