Thursday, September 29

*from NC to FL

Today I am cruising along, having a pretty spectacular day.  We got a bale of hay delivered from the hay farmer next door, free of charge which will be used for bedding for various animals in the barn.  The temperature was pretty much perfect for many hours today especially the ones that I chose to be outside working.  Cleaning and errands were taken care of at an early hour. I finished my best friends apron so I can get it in the mail by Friday afternoon for an early week delivery to her in the North Carolina foothills.   Relaxed a bit.   Later I was able to get dinner all prepared and cooked for my beloved who would be home after a long hard day at work. He arrived home, with a box from the mail in hand.  The status of my day went through the roof.

You see, my adopted mother lives in North Carolina (where I just moved from after having lived there for 24 years) and I miss her. I miss the time we spent together quilting in a class she led. I miss the mornings I would pop over for some breakfast.  A bowl of cereal with fresh fruit, a cup of hot coffee and great fellowship. I miss the smell of her house, of her. So this past week, I wrote a silly note to her.  Because I have such a poor memory I can't remember exactly what I wrote but something along the lines of; I miss you, I miss the smell of your house. Can you please send me something, anything, a scrap piece of fabric - anything that has resided in your  house that has the Wendie smell on it.  I meant it, but didn't expect the level of grandeur of what I received in today's mail.

Upon opening it, I cried. Wouldn't you? Everything about this box was precious. Each thing added had a special place with me.

This apron is amazing. It smells just like Wendie's home and Wendie. I LOVE it. God has blessed me abundantly with my relationship with Wendie and I thank Him upon every remembrance of her. She noted that this apron was made about 25 years ago and she used it yearly during apple sauce making season, pear preserve making as well preparing many a Thanksgiving dinner in her home.

She noted that it was tattered and even torn in a few places (and it is) but suggested that I could wear it while doing barn duties. Oh my, I am gonna cry. If you know me, you know how I sentimental I can be. I don't know if I will ever wear it down to the barn. I almost want to put it in a sealed bag so I can have the smell of her house for a long time.  

 The yo yo's are to inspire me to get my own yo yo's going for a quilt pattern she shared with me and her other adopted quilting daughters not long ago.  Sweet. These are made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics, one of her favorite designers.

 Ah, the banana bread!  This was always present at quilt group, this or strawberry bread. Isn't it so thoughtful of her to have included all these things?

and lastly... fig preserves. She wrote: Eat slowly and sparingly. Who is she trying to kid! These will be gone in no time flat!  She knows how much I LOVE her fig preserves, they taste like none other I have ever tasted. Thankful for this Titus woman in my life too!

What a great ending to a great day!  Thank you Lord!



  1. Oh what a sweet and treasured friend you have in your Wendie, Lynnie. Her box to you is so special.

  2. wow- what a special blessing! and a good reminder to me about being an encouragment to other ladies around me.
    Very cute blog by the way!


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