Thursday, September 15

*cottage white

I have suddenly fallen in love with all things white. sigh. I like cottage decor and a lot of what I see is based on a white color palette.  I have thought of painting all of our bedroom furniture white, the dining room table (which is a antique Duncan Phyfe dining set-which I would NEVER paint), our coffee table and much more. I have pulled the reigns in and only allowed myself to paint some picture frames that were in the closet yet to be hung.  I used a can of flat white paint to give them a new look.  I do like the way it turned out, personally.   Several of the frames are still in need of a matte before I can put photos in them. I will  keep my eyes open at thrift stores until I find the ones I need.

~ Lynnie

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  1. I like the white frames on the dark wall! Really makes them pop!

  2. Is that a new header? - I like it!

    The frames look very nice painted white...I agree with Gone Country, they look fantastic on the dark wall.

  3. Thanks to all three of you! And Marissa, yes it is a new header! Just like you, I have been messing around with my layout a bit. I will likely change it again in a few months! Glad you like!

  4. Wonderful whites! I love those white frames all clustered together.


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