Monday, September 26

*national sewing month project #7

I have been saving strips of fabric for some time now, and some has been given to me as well.  These strips have been used to make wrapped clothes line baskets for gifts and now will be used to make some hot pads for kitchen pots. Each hot pad is made with high quality quilting cottons, double lined with batting  and finished with a decorative stitch in the binding.   These blocks sort of remind me of a log cabin block - sort of.  I learned about this particular block through a fellow blogger who pointed me to Magnolia Bay Quilts. MBQ's has a tutorial on how to use your scraps to produce this block. Check it out!

Personally, I love this idea. And I am excited about using up my scrap cuts to design some cute and funky hot pads, something that might have once been thrown out now hopefully being used for redemption. 

These will soon be available to purchase through my etsy shop or a friends and the proceeds will go directly to a family who is adopting again for the third time, bringing a child home to his/her forever family.   These and other creations made with my hands will be available to call your own or pick up a few for a small gift for someone you love.

 My heart is stirred for the orphan. My hands are busy.  May my little contribution along with others  be a help in bringing another child into a loving caring home. 



  1. Lynnie -- GREAT use for your collection of strips! I throw NO fabric away -- no matter how small. I have enough little bits to get a charm quilt going :)


  2. I think these look fab, loop or no. I just guessed how to do it, I don't know what the 'right' way is. The decorative stitching looks great!


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