Tuesday, September 20

*on the run!

Our beast of a dog, Frayja the great dane, is finally considered full grown and no longer a puppy.  We still see puppy behavior out of her from time to time though, but she is asking for a break since this month marks her as no longer a puppy.  While there was a time that we were a bit concerned about her eating habits (too little), she has really developed a healthy appetite.  She started out at a mere 16 lbs at 7 weeks old and has grown into her full grown status at 118 lbs.

She continues to be more and more attentive to our commands and obeys most of the time.  Erilyn Farm would not be the same with out her, so say Eric. Actually, I know this may sound silly to some of you, but she has really enriched our lives and I am glad we added her to our craziness.

These things she will do upon command: sit, stay, wait, hand shake, and give kisses. She loves to fetch and run like the wind.   You can see this displayed in the photos below. These were captured from an afternoon of throw and fetch!  Note the dust she stirs up as she gallops out to get the ball.  Enjoy.

The end. (sorry I suppose I couldn't resist)



  1. She's beautiful! What great shots! I really like the ones of her with the ball in her mouth and her ears straight up! The last one is also cute with her back feet up in the air! And, she's so modest too, hee,hee!

  2. Yes really very nice pictures, and she looks happy too!. Richard

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! :-)
    Your blog is very nice and looks interesting. I'll try to get back and browse some more later!


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