Tuesday, September 20

*gifts galore

Our boys were loved on and doted on while visiting family in Georgia.   My sister, Bridgette, sent these to me the night they were feasting on a Low Country Boil and various fried seafood plates as well.  I almost got in the car and drove 6 hours to have some of those shrimp!

Isn't the bond of a close family the best gift ever? Having grown up in small town Georgia with many relatives close by, I knew what it was like to have family. I can say I was very blessed in that way.  Aunts, Uncles, first cousins, second cousins, third cousins, grandmothers, were all within the same county, some just around the corner.  Our children do not have the same story to tell, but closeness in the family is something they experience as well.

My husband's parents made it a point to visit as often as possible, which usually turned out to be once a month during the years that our boys were growing up.  We too, made visits to Georgia to spend time with both sides of the family.  Both of our boys have a deep love for their grandparents.  Due to different circumstances Henry hasn't had as much time with his grandparents as Robby did by this age, but I think he shares a very similar closeness.   Grandparents and family members to me, are very important. They can really play an important part in your children's lives.   They aren't the parents, therefore they see things a bit differently than parents do.  Grands can be the cheerleaders, another listening ear, a mouth of encouragement, and safe arms for hugs.  

This past weekend our boys drove to Georgia to visit their grandparents.  I cannot even express what this time meant to our oldest son.  He is 24 years old, and treasures his grandparents. He misses his Grandpa Sanders tremendously (he has been living in Connecticut for several years now due to an unavoidable job transfer).

Upon the return of their visit, some tangilbe treasures entered our home: sewing machines (really embroidery machines), a family heirloom chair, a family heirloom Hamilton Greyhound Wagon, a monster rocking chair, empty EGG CRATES!

 No, you are not seeing double, there are two Singer XL1000's.  YUM.  A gift from my dear mother in love!  I can't wait to get some time with her to learn how to use the embroidery side of this machine! Wonderful things to come, I am sure.  I  have seen her work , I know what these machines are capable of!

 Beauty. Beauty because of it's history. Not my history, but my dear husbands and his family. We are really glad to have this in our home.  If I understand this correctly this was the seat of my dear husbands Great Grandmother Bessie.  He recalls her having sat in this chair in the home of his grandparents in Pennsylvania when he was a child. That fabric is true vintage fabric, and I love it.

 The seat in its original state was caned, but as long as Eric can remember, the seat has looked like it does presently. He does not want to change anything about it.

I love the fabrics that were used to make the pillow seat, as well as the covering (the red print).  

I have always adored this chair. Can you see the layers of paint, wear and tear on the legs. The history.

 This rocker, is beast. Ok. I am sure that word is no longer "in". But it is, beast! Just sayin.
(can you tell I have a teen?)

Can you say pickers?!  
So this is a Hamilton Greyhound Wagon, from the1940's - 1950's.  At least that is when they were first made.  When my husbands father was a little boy living on his family's farm in a little town near Gettysburg Pa, this wagon came to him by way of a hand me down.  It was surely loved and used for many years by him and his siblings as well as all the grands that came thereafter.  Many years later Eric's grandmother would use it for sitting potted plants in on the porch or in the yard, I plan to do the same.  My dear father in love said that it once was on a farm and it is now time to return to a farm - thanks. We are so glad to have a piece of your history sitting on our farm! 

My mother and father both sent back a cooler full of treasure as well.  Fresh shrimp. Creamed corn for the freezer. Brunswick stew. Freshly boiled peanuts.  Garden grown sweet potatoes and much more!

The best treasure of all is the people in my life. My family.  Over the years times have been what you would call rough, but I know that God paints the tapestry of my life, our lives. And it really is a beautiful picture,  the darker areas of my picture, only highlights the shining moments. 



  1. Sharing special times with family is wonderful!! That dinner sure looks delicious! About the quilt fabric... I think it's best to organize it how you use it. So if you usually use a specific type of fabric... 30's fabrics or civil war fabrics... it's better to organize it that way. And you could always organized color in the same order within each of those groups.

  2. I ADORE your front porch. SO welcoming and inviting in its appearance. It makes me want to come sit a spell. ~ Trina

  3. Just came across your blog and wanted to say Hi.

    You are absolutely right about family...so vitally important.


  4. Garden of Daisies - thanks! That is a great idea!

    Trina, please please come sit a spell, or two or three!!

    Treasures Evermore - Connie, thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love the post! and what the heck...Your Mother-in-Love sent 2 machines, are you starting a business? Can't wait to see the treasures you have planned. I am ready for some home cooking, now where is that screwdriver, I am starting my teleporter today! :) <3


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