Sunday, September 4

*national sewing month project #2

Labor Day Weekend. Gulf Coast. Rain. Sewing. Oh yeah!

Or so I thought... Some where over the last few weeks I stumbled upon a site that sells sewing patterns in adobe form, so you pay (a minimal amount) and download your pattern right away.  I told you of my sewing woes, you know, that I don't sew any type of clothing items.  Well one of the patterns that I saw on was too cute to pass up.  They were simple little booties, I mean, come on.  Surely I could do this.

This morning after breakfast with my family, I decided to cut out a pair of the little Anabelle Baby Sandals, Size 3.  I proceeded to sew them together. Then I proceeded to get frustrated. I modified the pattern. Still frustrated.  Is there anyone out there who wants one bootie sewn incorrectly, along with the ink on the paper- from my printed pattern.   UGH.  So, I threw away the other one that was cut out waiting on the cutting board to be picked up and sewn together. 

The pattern is very well written with may photos describing what to do as well as fully written instructions. I encourage you to check out the site for patterns at a very reasonable price.  I did end up with three pair of bootie patterns. Sigh.  I thought I could make them to sell as a fund raiser to help a friend of mine who is adopting again. I do have hope though, the other two patterns look much easier (HAHA) than this particular one.  I will let you know how that turns out.

 nope.. not even close.

Dianna (the dollie modeling the shoes) said she does not need a second shoe anyway, since Frayja chewed her toes off. Sigh.  I am off to master another pattern (prayerfully).



  1. I don't know anything about sewing but I have attempted to make a few things. Thankfully, I have an elderly neighbor that is a wonderful seamstress and she has gotten me out of a few sewing scrapes! I think if I actually knew what I was doing I would enjoy it!

    Good luck on the next project!

  2. I love the way your dollie thinks! ;-)

    You just keep at it, Girlfriend. You are going to making tutorial videos to show us how to do it before you know it!

  3. Hey, it's Kathy. Wanted to stop by and say hello since I never leave comments and send them through "the grape vine"....hehehe Love reading your blog and thank you for my "shout out". I promise not to make too many requests. :) Keep the wonderful pics and uplifting writings coming.


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