Wednesday, September 28

*out and in

This has been our first summer on the Gulf Coast, the summer has been no hotter than we had become accustomed to in North Carolina. The humidity now, is a different story. I have never been one to perspire, however this past spring and summer when I would go out in early morning to work in the  vegetable gardens, my brow would be dripping with sweat and I attribute that to the humidity.

I have to confess I got a bit giddy again a few minutes ago when I heard that the early morning temps this weekend are to dip into the 40's.  The time is coming... time to be out with the summer weather and in with the fall weather.  I have laid my welcome mat out, how about you?

Here are a few pictures I took around the property this week, things I wont see much longer this year.  The summer season brings such beauty and will soon go to sleep. I shall miss the colors of summer, but as for the heat - I shall like a little break.

Precious is ready for some cooler weather as well, not freezing mind you, just cooler.

What are you doing to enjoy the last days of summer feeling weather?



  1. I'm 100% all ready for fall as well! It's my favorite season!!! I'm finding my cooking mojo that's it's not 100 degrees everyday!!!

  2. Fall is certainly my favorite. We're still having an occasional warm one (yesterday was upper 80's) but the humidity is GONE!! That is the best. We have cool mornings and evenings. Last night we sat out on the porch forever -- it was so pleasant! Happy Fall Lynnie :)


  3. I'm with you... I'm SO ready for some fall weather! The humidity here is a killer! Not good for curly hair either, lol!

    Great pictures! I have a cat named Precious too! She's black!

    I awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award on today's post if you're interested! You're very deserving!

    Have a great day!


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