Wednesday, September 14

*national sewing month project #4

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Some aprons just make you want to put them on and get into the kitchen and create!  I love aprons that are cute and funky, funny though, all of my aprons are simple white aprons with my handmade soap logo on them.  I love them too though and have worn them almost to death!

After selecting a few fabrics from my stash, I went to work on making a holiday apron. It is my first, so there are no frills and ruffles, but I feel that coming on the next ones.  I was pretty pleased with the way this one turned out.  I made the apron without a pattern, but I did use one of my other aprons as a guide. Since I can be a very sloppy and messy cook, I made a front and back fabric for double protection.  We do not have a land line, so  I made a little pocket to keep my cell phone in so it will be handy.  If any of you have a great tip for keeping your phone FOUND and well known as to it's whereabouts please let me know!  I am notorious for not knowing where mine is when I need it.

 My other aprons have a squared edge, but I decided that I turn make a rounded edge on this particular one, so I used a bowl to get a uniform pattern.

One pocket adorns the front of the apron.

 I made bias tape and ran it across the top of the apron before I put it on the sides which  also made the loop to go around the neck.

 While I was enjoying my sewing time and having a mini coke and a smile, my lovely cat Julie was doing this....

Go ahead, take that shirt out that needs that button reattached. You can do it! That project that you started months ago, pull it out! Those little girls that you are rearing would love a simple lesson on sewing a straight stitch with some scrap fabric or old clothes.  Start planting that seed!

What are you working on right now?


  1. Love the apron! Funny that I also LOVE aprons but rarely wear one. I always think, after a shirt is ruined while cooking or splattered with bleach while cleaning, I should have worn my apron. Great job! I am gonna send you a link to one I fell in love with this week. :)


    I love the chicken ones.

  3. So cute! I have some half aprons that I've purchased but I would love to make my own someday!

    I'm not a seamstress but I'm currently working on some simple reversible napkins. I'm trying to get away from paper napkins and thought this was a perfect way to get some practice in sewing and have something useful!

  4. Thanks Ladies! I am going to make some half aprons this week too! Can't wait!


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