Sunday, September 4

*september national sewing month project #1

So with NSM in mind, I decided to go through some of my collected fabrics to find some fun colorful fabrics to brighten up our back porch area.   It was only after I was finished that I realized that these colors sort of make the area look like summer and spring is abounding!  But alas, it is not. I will likely use some of my fall colors to make a pillow cover for the little pillows and then undress them in the spring/summer season, revealing the vibrant cheery fabrics.

I made the pillows a couple of days ago from 4 Moda fat quarters.  I just love this fabric, it says HAPPY to me. I decided to use the scraps to make a couple of table toppers for the rustic tables on our back porch area.  For one of the decorative table toppers I sort of followed the idea of a Log Cabin pattern, but with varying sizes of fabric - nothing uniform at all. I do like the way it turned out.  To use up the rest of the scraps, I simply sewed the two larger pieces together then I used some of the strips and sewed them on top simply to embelish and add some interest.

Can you see the Log Cabin pattern? I only had one dark piece left at the end, so I had to use that red on the light outside side.. but I like how it finished up. I simply meandered this little one.  I always put my binding on with the machine now.  I used to sew it on by hand, but I can choose a decorative stitch and have it on in no time at all.

We had to cut down two large oaks that had damage on them and Eric decided to place a couple of the sections on our back porch area as a table. If you look closely (or click on the picture to enlarge) you can see where I "wrote" REST with the thread in this particular one. I think sometimes we need to be reminded to   r   e   s   t. 

For now the area out back by the pool smiles at me when I walk by and I like it!

So, as for you- what have you sewn this past week? Or, what did you THINK about sewing this week? You know thinking about it is a step in the right direction!  I will open up a linky on September 15th, so you can share  your work too!

I borrowed this idea from my friend Gail over at Faithfulness Farm. Check out here projects as well and be encouraged.


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  1. Is there a house for sale close by you, Lynnie? Your pillows are sweet, but you really pulled me in with the table toppers! I DO see the Log Cabin pattern...I think I may have mentioned to you before that my mother-in-law was a beautiful quilter...and my favorite ones she did were always the Log Cabin ones. I love the contrast of the dark and light colors...She also did beautiful applique quilts. She went Home to be with the Lord four years ago. I miss her.

  2. Thanks Dianna! There are two empty guest rooms! Yes, you did tell me of your motherinlove's quilting. I so want to do applique quilts..maybe one day!


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