Saturday, September 3

*september is National Sewing Month!

September is National Sewing Month!

Working with craft items was always something that interested me when I was younger.  So you can imagine when I had the room in my school schedule for an elective, I chose home economics as soon as I was able. My teacher, Mrs. Bruce was a hoot and while she fostered a laid back atmosphere for fun and learning she was also one with authority.  (Twenty some years later, and she is the Principal at a local elementary school that my nephews attended).   So in my sophomore year I made choices to sew a few things that would be on a level that would encourage my sewing skills as they awakened to the feeble beginnings of making a "carry all bag".   I have to admit, I was not  terribly inspired with the sewing part of my home ec class during those years.  Cooking- I loved that part. I can close my eyes and still smell the burning off smell of those burners in that lab!  OK.. sorry.  Back to sewing!

I would not pick up sewing again until 5 years or so later. I managed to nicely piece together a few skirts and jackets out of linen.  They were really quite nice. I wore them out! One was solid white, and the other red.  I had an office job by this time and those came in quite handy.   Some time after that it seems I tried to sew garments again and failed, for some reason, failed miserably. So much so that, I refuse to sew garments again.  I will sew when my grand kids come along -I already have patterns!

Ten years or so would pass before I sat before a machine to stitch again.  A dear friend of mine invited me to a quilting class, that met literally around the corner.  I took her up on that offer and haven't turned back since!

Follow along this month as I share as many projects as I am able to complete for NSM 2011. It is good enough encouragement as any for me, for I have many projects started that needs to see an end!  I will also have a few linky opportunities for projects you are working on this month - so get prepared to share!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing those projects as you share them during National Sewing Month. Hmmm...makes me want to get out my machine and make something.


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