Thursday, September 20

*beyond fabric - imagine, dream do!

While on my trip to Georgia, with the help of my dear motherinlove, I stumbled upon this treasure! Beyond Fabric!  This sweet little store is nestled in a little corner of Kingsland, Georgia (Lovetown USA).  The young lady who owns the store is as helpful and sweet as you would want one to be.  She carries interior design fabric, quilter cottons, craft items and more! 

 Oh, did I mention you will pay about half of what other stores charge you for interior decorator fabrics?! Yes, that is right!

 I found this lovely fabric in her shop, which I instantly fell in love with!  I at first did not pick it up because I could not think of a use for it.  It would be a great fabric for hand bags or totes, but I remembered that I have wanted to recover our bar stools and dining room chairs for a while now, so I purchased some yardage with that in mind.

When I found these bar stools I really liked the color of the wood stain, they matched our dining room chair nicely. I however, did not really dig the bronze studs around the base of each seat. It just is not me. So, I have been thinking of this for a while.  I love the contrast of the pomegranate color of the walls against the bright white and yellow of the seat covers.  I did finish the fabric with Scotch Guard and even with that I know these stools will be dirty in no time. That is the downfall of having a lighter color on the stools.  For now I will enjoy the crisp clean look of each of them. 

I had covered the dining room chairs some years ago with this toile, which I really love.  The covers are actually in great condition and do not need recovering at all other than I just want change. So... here we go. (and no, we still do not have our molding and quarter round down yet... sigh) I still have the other dining chairs to finish, the %$#@# stapler isn't working properly anymore so I have to wait for my hero to get home and fix it.

If you ever find yourself in Camden County, Georgia or nearby and you are looking for some great decorator fabrics at a rock bottom price, you have got to stop in and see the ladies at Beyond Fabric! You can also get more information about the store by visiting their website by clicking HERE.

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