Friday, September 21

*natural family

You start out with family, no one can escape it, it is how we come into existence. Family. Some find that family is perfect from the very beginning, but not the case with everyone.   I of course was not cut off from my natural family, but after Eric and I were married we moved hours away from all the many family members who were once just a stones throw away.  In those early years of our married life, trouble was abounding in the home that I once grew up in.  My youngest was sister still at home in the midst of all the that took place during that challenging time (to say the least).  My older sister and I had married and were beginning our new life with our husbands.

 My youngest sister, Bridgette.

 Me and Lori, my oldest sister.

 I only have two sisters, so this is the three of us and (my oldest sister, Lori's daughter) Kierstyn

I think we all developed friendships, relationships with our husbands and of course raising families which kept us involved on that level. We were investing in a different place at that time, than we had ever done before.  Never loosing love, never losing closeness with each other, but a passage of time came and went that did not allow us to go deeper, to a different level if you will. I think all three of us (my sisters and I) were doing this with dear friends in our lives, but not with each other.

Well as time would have it, we all still have some very special bonds with friends we call sisters that the Lord has allowed to develop over the years, but He has also brought us three back around full circle. We, my sweet sisters and I, count on each other. We call each other several times a week, text each other, skype each other.  We make visits to see each other when we are able.  We pray for each other and with each other. We encourage each other. We straighten each other up when needed. No matter what rises or falls in any given day, if any of us should need the other you can just know wholeheartedly that the need will be met.

 Me, Lori in the front of Lori's beach Jeep, Bridgette and Kierstyn in the back.  This was a sweet day.

I know that not all siblings or families experience this, but I am here to encourage you... it just might happen when you least expect it. Things could start to change. Slowly. The next thing you know, you are longing to develop a deeper level of love and relationship with those whom you came from.  I think often we see things through broken glasses which gives a distortion to the view we are seeing.  We are all broken people.  We have all been through something or another. And depending on our God given personality, we could all respond to it differently.  Same troubled house, three, four or five different siblings could all inwardly and outwardly respond differently.  Maybe today you will seek to forgive so your heart can be set free.  Maybe you will drop an offense and try to understand things that you never cared to understand before.  Maybe you will even look to see how much passed you by that you were never grateful for before because of the fragments of glass you were looking through did not allow you to see the whole picture.   I think it starts with forgiveness and gratefulness.


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