Tuesday, November 27

*all natural body soaps surfaces a bit..

My momma is now an official soap maker! While momma was here visiting we made soap. A few years back I had a soap business with an online storefront, but when we got the news that we would be moving a few years ago, I halted my soap making. I used up my stock, gave it as gifts and sold it at clearance prices, well because I needed to clear it all out to make the move that much easier.    After a number of years passing and our personal stock almost being depleted, I made soap last year when my BFF was here for a visit.  Unfortunately after not having made soap for a while, I ended up putting in too much oatmeal in one of the recipes and too much pulverized walnut shells in the scrub bar (AKA SCRATCH bar), so this time around I did not put in any abrasive additives! A little more digging so I can find my tried and true recipes is in order before I include additives in my soaps again.

Making soap is not difficult, but is something that has to be done with much caution! Especially if you have children or pets in your home.  Soap can be made in your kitchen or workshop with some basic oils from your grocery store, but a superior soap can be made by buying some out of the ordinary oils from a soap supply store.  There are many great websites, forums out there to help you get started soap making if this is something you want to tackle.  Finding a good recipe and making sure the values are what you need for a quality bar is so important.

An unrefined soap, made from quality oils and lye is so much  better for your skin than the products you find on the grocers shelves.   If you are not adventurous and do not care to try your hand at soap making, but wish to use a better soap that will leave your skin clean and moisturized, I will be glad to make that available to you. 

We made some of our top sellers when our store was open a few years ago: Lavender, Lemongrass, Tea Tree/Clary Sage and Rosemary/Bay Laurel.  The scents wafting through our home is intoxicating. Seriously though, it smells awesome!  I only use natural coloring agents in our soaps, such as turmeric powder (that is the coloring in the loaf of soap on the right above), pulverized lavender blossoms and pulverized mint leaves to give a green coloring to the bar. 


  1. Hello Lynnie! Your blog is beautiful...as always! You have the most stunning headers of any blog I visit! Loved seeing your momma in your kitchen again! :-) Do you sell your soaps?

  2. Wow. That is so cool. This is a very impressive talent.

  3. so jelly....;) Wish I could have been there to be your helper again. miss soak making with you...

  4. so jelly....;) Wish I could have been there to be your helper again. miss soak making with you...

  5. These look awesome! I would love to have you share this on Wildcrafting Wednesday next week! Here is the url from this week's hop...


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