Thursday, January 21

As The New Year Rolls Around

In the last days of  2015 and as the new year began, we were walking around in pure bliss. We can hardly wait to have both of them home again with their families!

 I remember when Eric and I first started our little family, I always loved each stage we found ourselves in and felt that nothing was sweeter than raising your own children. Watching them as newborn babes. Listening to them as they began to learn to communicate.  Celebrating their birthdays each year with friends and family surrounding them marking that milestone.  All the time, each season we walk through with them, is the best season. OK.. so some of those seasons were NOT so great. Those teenage years were a challenge to both us and our son's I am sure.  But we survived it!

While they were here, we had three additional pairs of hard working hands to help get trees cut down, and fence preparations done.  

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