Sunday, January 17

Making Changes


Each January comes with a fresh new start for the upcoming 365 days.  With that comes either a list of resolutions of things you will and will not do. Perhaps a list of goals with steps on how to attain the finish line for each of them.  During the first of the year we did some goal setting and it was fantastic!   My favorite oldest daughter, Renee, was recording everyone's spoken words in her planner as we all gathered around and discussed our dreams and goals for the upcoming year.

Seven days ago I, along with Renee, started WHOLE30.    We pretty much just jumped in with both feet and we haven't looked back.   We are already pretty clean eaters, not perfect - but pretty clean.  I have really been enjoying this exciting journey of clean eating this past week and look forward to the upcoming weeks.

The past few days I have had burst of energy and things are getting cleaned around here!  These books were all on a shelf alone in a dark dusty corner in my pantry.  After I pulled them off to relocate them, I couldn't put each one down as I went through the stack. So.. I piled them back up in a neat pile and this is a portion of my books to read this year. Some I have read already, some I have read a portion of and some I have wanted to read for some time now.

Getting things in order is so freeing.  Take a moment each day of this week and purge one room in your house.  I bet you have some things in that one room that you choose to purge that either needs to be thrown in the trash, given to someone who can use them or maybe even sell some of the items on a local for sale list.  Tomorrow I tackle the buffet in the dining area!

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