Sunday, July 11

*2010 12-N-12 June Beauties!

This month marks the half way point for the quilting challenge, six more months left! I think I am cheating this month with my submission, but you be the judge. Hey ladies, (Robyn, Franziska, Cheryl, Sharon, Nicole, & Jenny) thanks for helping keep me spurred on with your beautiful creations!

This past month Jenny has been working on this...and plans to finish it up and submit a full view for July!

Franziska worked diligently to create this quilt she named "Riviera Breeze" for her friend Dianna.  Dianna is one of the most giving ladies with a heart of gold that Franziska met when she first moved away to the mountains.  When asking Dianna what colors she would use in her home decor she described the blues of the ocean with the orange sun setting, hence the quilt's name.

Franziska used batiks in the Turning Twenty quilt pattern by Tricia Cribbs.

While I "finished up" a quilt this past month.. I do not claim it as one done all by myself.  I posted about this quilt a week or so ago, but here is a picture of what I "finished" this month.

Personally I hope to get several quilts finished this month, even in the midst of packing, painting and preparing for a move.  Unrealistic? Probably so!  I hope you find a few moments to steal away to sit with your machine and sew if that is what your heart desires!  Keep that pedal going! 


  1. Works of art, Lynnie...yours and the others.

  2. That Riviera Breeze is such a wonderful way to take the colors of the beach with you to the mountains. How kind of her.
    I love your blocks on it Lynnette! So well done.


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