Friday, July 16

*the list is diminishing..

We have all been working hard tackling the "list".  It is wonderful to look at those pages and see so many tasks marked through.

This week while Eric was out of town, Henry and I were in the kitchen removing grout, prepping for new grout to go down and just working along side each other.  He did most of the removing, while I did help him a bit.  I prepped the tiles and got all my supplies together the new grout to go down.   Henry offered to help me put the new grout down, so I took the time to show him the proper way to put it in.  He caught on right away. Then I saw him applying the grout "Henry style" - on his belly.  So I said to him, "Honey, I don't think that is the proper way to lay the grout in the tiles. That is not how professional tile people do it."  So his response was this: "It is only because they have never thought of it before." I love this kid (young man).  The grout looks great; it gives the kitchen a whole new look.   The house goes on the market in one month; we are almost ready!


  1. It looks great! Good luck with getting your house done.

  2. Thanks! Ordered carpet and counter tops today!! WOOT. Things are coming together.

    Sorry anonymous (Trina). I will miss you dearly as well. Our time together has been so sweet, I am really grateful for your friendship, for your heart! I love you.

  3. Lynnie,
    I love that Henry offered to help and that he did it "Henry style". The tile looks great!

    Oh, I do hope that we will be able to get our families together when we move to Alabama!! It looks like everything is falling into place for you guys with your move. We'll be coming to Alabama in a year! :-)

  4. The tile looks great, Lynnie! Don't you just love working side by side with your hubby on a project?


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