Wednesday, July 14

*happy birthday to my baby sister

While today is not actually my sister's birthday, Monday was and I missed getting this post out. Happy Birthday Bridgette!

This is some of the ways I have seen my baby sister over the years:
^baby doll (I was six when she was born and my oldest sister was eight - we used her as our baby doll - we spoiled her)
^brat - not really, she was never bratty to me
^child - for many years Bridgette was like a child to me in some respects
^sister - of course she is my sister
^friend - it is a true blessing when your family members can also be your friends
^sister in Christ - this one I am most thankful for. Bridgette is chasing after the Lord with all of her heart, no she is not perfect, but she has found her peace, her answers to life's mysteries in Him - this brings me joy unspeakable.
Bridgette had a somewhat spoiled but at the same time, hard life. This does not keep her down nor should any of us feel badly or sorry for her. Because, really all of us have had hard times in life.  If it were not for the hard times how would we recognize the good times? How is it that we would grow in overcoming? The Lord our God tells us to be grateful for both the good times as well as the hard, trying times. 

My parents were married for twenty years with their own set of problems mounting to a head,  and after not being able to work through them; they separated when my sweet little sister was only twelve or thirteen young years old.  Yes, these were still my parents and my older sisters parents, but we were "grown".  This had a profound effect  on all of us. A deep profound effect. My father was a family man, still is. Outside of my father's alcoholism, we lived a fairly happy, content, family togetherness life. So this decision was, as you can imagine, hard for all involved.  Until just yesterday, I don't think I have stopped to think of how it impacted my little sister who was still living at home and at a time of developing into a young woman at that point in her life. (My older sister and I were married at this point) I know that it was probably harder on her than I will ever understand. At the time I was so wound up in my own grief and immaturity that I honestly never gave thought to my little sister that was still at home, still growing up, trying to find her way in this world. I know that this rocked her world. I can see the after math, now looking back, but I can also see the beauty.

These are some adjectives that I think of when I think of Bridgette:
selfless (THIS IS A HUGE ONE)

 Happy Birthday Bridgette! I love you!


  1. this post has nothing to do with me at all.....This post points to all the reasons why I love you. You are a true treasure, a great friend and I am sure a wonderful sister. Thankful for YOU today.

  2. said...
    Lynnie,I remember as a child calling you that!!
    I love you so much more than you will ever will know!! Thank you for being such a WONDERFUL sister!! This is so precious to me!! :)
    I love you! I thank GOD for him giving me two WONDERFUL sisters!!


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