Monday, June 4

*a quilt project of the past!

Voices of the Past, Betsy Ross Sampler is almost a project of the past! I started this quilt top a few years ago and have even shared its beginings with you before, HERE .  And the last time you saw the quilt, HERE it was still without borders.  That is not the case any longer! 

This weekend I was able to get the last quilt on my rack pieced together with borders and only awaiting to be set in.  It seems the quilts I started a few  years ago, needed a bit of time to steep.  Their steeping is done as I have just finished setting in the Betsy Ross Sampler this morning. I know have to decide how I am going to quilt it, in the ditch, stipple, etc...


 Pattern: Kay England - Voices of the Past, Betsy Ross Sampler

Since I am all caught up on finished quilt tops, I am now set out to finish putting together some of the partially pieced projects I have laying about.  Happy sewing!

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