Friday, June 29

*random photos from my android

The week before our oldest deployed we enjoyed a seafood lovers dinner at Old Bay Steamers. It is one of our favorite seafood spots on the Emerald Coast.  If you are ever in Ft. Walton Beach or Destin, Florida you MUST go to Steamers!
Cheesy smile! A few days before Robert left, he and I were able to spend some time on the beach together. The weather was simply gorgeous for such a day.  We drove to a less crowded part of the beach so we could relax and chat.  I sure am gonna miss him while he is away!
Navarre Beach Florida - gorgeous!
OK, so these aren't so random.. they are rather specific.. but they are all from my phone. I simply couldn't get enough pics of him.  Just recently a huge change has taken place in his life and to see him have to leave at this juncture was actually quite hard for us.  Time will fly and before we know it, 3 months will have past.

 So, as I said before, these really aren't random, but specific.  Our oldest has been deploying for 4 years now - you never get used to it. You simply have to do as you do when he is enjoying the comforts of his own home - cover him in prayer. Trust him to God and be faithful in intercession.

 PS. I wrote this post out of fear of getting my butt kicked. My BFFL has been patiently, or impatiently waiting for another installment from my blog post.. so once again.. I am trying to get back on track! Have a super weekend!



  1. bout time! love it....great pics of Robby...praying till he returns ;)

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I may not comment but I enjoy your posts. Stay Cool!


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