Friday, June 1

*chick inn news

These first two pictures are both of Gwendolyn Wendell.  We purchased Gwendolyn as a pullet, but turns out we got a rooster, Wendell - Surprise!  His name is now Wendell.   He is a most beautiful rooster, he is a Black Copper Maran.  For now, both Wendell and Husan (our other rooster) are getting along nicely.

 These are our youngest bunch of chickens as well as the broad breasted turkeys. 

Eric loves his turkeys.  He is on the hunt for a blue slate turkey to add to our bunch.  This is one of the two broad breasted bronze turkeys that we are raising for meat.  

 Husan had an unfortunate event just a few days ago.  Momma was bringing some table scraps out to the flock and Husan felt it necessary to flock my mother!  I could hardly believe it when she came in and told me.  He should really be watching his actions from here on out.. He not only spurred her about 5 times down the back of her little legs, he also pecked a hole (I mean it was small, but a hole nonetheless) in the side of her leg before he spurred her.  Unbelievable.

 This is a photo I took during the choral performance one evening. It really does look like the are in a chorus doesn't it? They are all ready for sleep. 

 When we added this Silver Laced Wynadotte to our flock, she was TINY and younger in age of any of our chickens. Eric dubbed her "Dot", so it was. Dot is very partial to the turkeys and can often be found right by the turkey's side. 

 The white chicken is a result of an Easter Egger egg having been fertilized by Mr. Baggins our Light Brahma rooster.  We are still not sure if this one will be a rooster or pullet. The large buff chicken is a Orpington  and one of my favorites. She is like that kids you went to school with that was twice your size. She is awkward looking among the other chicks her age.  I think we will name her Hilda or Gertrude, or .... what can we name her? 

This red one to the right is a Welsummer hen and the cute little black front and center is a mix of a Black Australorpe and our Buff Brahma rooster.  She is a pretty little thing isn't she?

 Our heritage breed turkeys have just graduated into a larger roaming area in order to start free ranging habits and instincts.  We had to trim their feathers this morning due to many of them taking flight right over the fence.


  1. Your chickens are really beautiful. And Wendell's feathers are gorgeous. Love the goat at the end.

  2. I still have a fear of chickens after I got 'flogged' as we call it here in KY, when I was a small child. Reading about Momma's run in with the spurs is scary! Dot is beautiful! I love the little goat peeking around the door! ha!

  3. I just love your chickens. What a great assortment. So beautiful. How can you eat them?

  4. Here I am admiring all those beautiful chickens and wondering if you are going to pluck that turkey and then the goat peeks around the corner at me...............too funny.


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