Thursday, July 12

For posterity

I am messy. Just by my nature I am not very concerned with continual orderliness. I am OK with a mess and cleaned whenever it I get ready.

This week while my niece and I were in the kitchen I was getting all the ingredients for making a pumpkin pie. Yes, we made a pumpkin pie in the middle of the summer, what's wrong with that?  As I was reaching into the cabinet to get the cinnamon out, I happened to carelessly knock over a spice bottle which, in slow motion fell to the counter and knocked the opened can of evaporated milk over.  It not only knocked over and spilled all over the counter and onto the floor but it managed to run into all four drawers under the counter as well.  I was not amused. I said to Kierstyn, I have got to get my phone and take a picture of this because nobody will believe this just happened to me.  So I snapped the picture, set the camera aside and we finished making the pie. The pie was delish!

I did clean this mess up rather quickly since it was everywhere!  However, this morning during breakfast which we had in the front room while looking at TV another mess occurred.

I was sitting on the couch eating my cereal, as was Kierstyn. I thought to myself, I hope she doesn't spill her cereal.  I mean can you imagine the mess that milk would make on the carpet, furniture etc? NO more than a minute later.... I spilled MY cereal. Yeh. That is right, I spilled mine. I was so grateful for the quilt that was laying over the couch, which managed to nicely catch the whole mess.  Kierstyn, not missing a beat, said to me, "So are you going to take a picture?"



  1. That is precious! You should have taken a picture of the spilled milk on the couch too, just like your sweet little niece suggested!

    I love you mess maker!

  2. LOL -- love that girl's sense of timing :)

    I am a messy too - seems whatever I cook or eat, I am bound to wear...makes me at constant conflict with the perfectionist that is inside me but I can usually squash down fairly well. This would be my reasons for being an Apron girl :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Me too Gail! I am a total apron wearer for that purpose! I used to ruin so many of my clothes...but no longer because I am an apron girl too!

  3. Glad you didn't cry over the spilled milk...either of the times!


    Seriously though, it was like a domino effect!

    And to be truthful, I looked at canned pumpkin last night at the grocery and thought, "I can't wait to have something pumpkiny this fall". But, thanks for the reminder that is alright to have pumpkin right in the middle of summer! :)


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