Monday, July 23

*signs of summer

Signs of summer are certainly in the air. Hot muggy days, afternoon thunderstorms, and house guest in and out. We have had less traffic in and out this summer than last is seems. We really do always enjoy having family and friends visit us and that has taken on a whole new look for us since we moved to Florida. My hubby has even taken on a liking to sharing our little spot of paradise with those who wish to leave their little spot of paradise for a visit here.

Earlier in the summer my mother and nephew were here for a short stay then my mother in love came for a weeks stay along with my sister-in-law and nephews. It has been a long while since we have driven to visited them as well as having them here. Jonathan is the younger of the nephews and he mostly speaks Spanish but understands a lot of English. One day he referred to me as, "the girl who cooks" to his mother, Chelo. She reminded him that I was Tia Lynne, and from there on he addressed me as Tia Lynne. So cute!


Honestly I have lost track (not that I was tracking it) of who was here last, first, or repeatedly! My youngest son's best friend, and my "adopted son", Summit was here for a couple of weeks and in the midst of that time my niece, Kierstyn came for a weeks stay.

While Summit was here I was also the girl who cooks, but they of course didn't call me that. I really enjoy feeding people when they come for a visit. I enjoy waiting on them and doting on them. I just do.  Summit and Henry had a lot of down time together but a few days while he was here we had to put them to work.  So, just be forewarned, if you come for a visit, you might get put to work for a short while, but we will feed you well, give you a nice place to lay your head and enjoy you while you are here!

Eric trimmed many of our beautiful large oaks, and downed a few as well.   The property is loaded with some of the most gorgeous old oaks, some healthy, some not so much.  The one in this photo above needs to come down due to some damage which has made it unhealthy.  We do not want it to land on top of the workshop when we have windy weather.  We have another one out by the barn that still needs to be downed as well.  Once the one over the workshop is down we will get LESS leaves in the pool and more sun on it throughout the day which are both pluses.  These guys' help was really invaluable to Eric on these two days.  Young men need to be out doing these kinds of things, right? We plan to rent the bucket lift tree cutter thingy again in the fall to finish up the trimming that needs to be done throughout the property.


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