Tuesday, July 17

*Gulfarium at Ft. Walton Beach Fl

This past week when my niece were here we took time to visit the Gulfarium in Ft. Walton Beach. 
 Kierstyn has been to Sea World and really loves sharks, dolphins - well she really simply loves animals, so I thought this would be a great place for us to visit while she was here.

Sorry for this image, I did doctor it up a bit so you didn't get sick. Kierstyn and I were walking back from my neighbor's house and she saw this on the road and said, "Oh! He is so cute, AWE!" The part hiding under the image of the tomatoes is NOT cute! I know this picture really is totally unrelated to the aquarium, but it does go to show her limitless love for animals...

Anyway, at the aquarium we saw several "shows", but our favorites were the Sea Lions Show and the Dolphin Shows. Unfortunately the Sea Lion area had plexiglass up around the tank so all of our photos were mere reflections of the spectators sitting in the stands.  It was well attended but the Dolphin Show was standing room only.  The bleachers were packed out, as well as the area around the tank.  We had the pleasure of watching three sweet dolphins that ranged from 30 years old to just a few years old  and two of them being mother and daughter. Their devotion to their trainers was really quite apparent.  When we were standing and waiting on the show to start, Kierstyn commented on how she hoped we would get splashed. We did, but there were other that got more wet than we did.

The aquarium offers quite a few "animal encounters" as well, but the pricing on that is a bit over the top for our pocket book.   Kierstyn wanted to swim with the stingrays - She is fearless, but we settled for watching the shows instead, this way we were able to eat dinner for the rest of the week when we got hungry. 


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