Saturday, January 19

*an afternoon in the life of two kids

Our precious Bodie continues to show what a great dam she is to her sweet kids.  Early each morning  when I am finished milking Bodie, those kids act famished and run as fast as they can to the stanchion to get to their breakfast. 

Last week I started our milking routine and feel pretty settled in at this point.  I have to admit, that getting up at 6am on a weekend, is putting a cramp in my style.  But I also cannot lie, I am totally loving this blessed life that I am living out!  To date, I am only milking her once a day, as they kids will continue to nurse her during the day up until 7pm each night.   We have gotten about 15 lbs of milk since we began on the 7th of January, that equates out to about 4 gallons of delicious milk!


  1. Looks like your photography, friend!

  2. I always waver between wanting fresh milk and wanting to be able to go on small trips (I'm not sure I'd find a substitute milker). I *love* your pics! The one of the kids facing the turkey would make a great caption contest. "Don't worry, I got your back." lol

  3. These are the sweetest photos ever! They all made me smile, so thank you for sharing!

    Visiting from Down Home Blog Hop :)

  4.'ve changed things around over this way! Love the new look! :-)


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