Wednesday, January 16

*front and center

Rudy is the sire of our herd, and he is what made it all possible, and he is quite tired of all the oohs and awes of the babies as well as the special treatment that Bodie is getting.  Bodie gets treats every morning at milking time, thing such as raw sliced potatoes, apple peels, broccoli, etc.  The kids of course just get all the attention without even trying! So, it is his turn to shine...

 Nice "goatee" you got growing there Rudy.

 He is really handsome.  He is starting to show more and more aggression which is a bit disappointing, but that comes with the territory.
 I am gonna fly away....
 Just kidding, goats can't fly!

He has mature enough to get his nasty goaty smell.  He had a slight smell months ago, but it is much more pronounced here of late.  The smell however is not as bad as some post I have read about, but we do not have a number of bucks that we are keeping to raise a herd of goats for selling or showing.  Our goal is to have a quality buck that we can breed our does to, in order to supply  milk for our family.


  1. Next time you out there with Rudy, please tell him that I said he is one handsome buck! :-) He REALLY is!

  2. I will indeed! I totally agree, he is really handsome, but each day he is becoming more expendable. He is becoming aggressive, it makes me sad. We are not making any rash decisions and he is in rutt, so perhaps his behaviour will become better...


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