Saturday, January 12

*sauerkraut update

Remember this, I wrote about our first time making kraut weeks ago.

 Beautiful shredded cabbage fresh from the garden, a little salt, caraway seeds and some water.... and time will produce a tangy delight!

 The crock has been placed in a cool area of our home to sit undisturbed until perfection is met!  If you like sauerkraut or if you have never tasted it.. you have got to make some. It is super easy!

The small glass plate you see to the left is what we put on top of the cabbage to push it down under the water in the crock.  You do not want any of your cabbage exposed to air, so this worked well. Look at the beautiful color that is part of the end product. We have already had some of this tasty kraut with several of our meals.  We have decided to just leave it in the crock and use it as we desire. The longer it stays in the crock, supposedly the tangier it will get.  In addition, canning causes you to loose some of the wholesome goodness that is available as it is fresh from the crock.  Freezing would be a better option, if we need the crock before it is all gone.   We do have several other cabbages that are almost ready to pick from the garden, so I will get another batch going in the next few weeks or so.   There are many sites that give more details on how to make the kraut, but it is so so simple. In the short this is how you make kraut: cut the cabbage thinly, put a layer in your container (non metal) sprinkle with some salt, add a layer of onion if you like, or a few cloves of garlic, caraway seeds, keep layering til you get to the top - sprinkling some salt on each layer, then add water until it covers the cabbage, put something on top to keep the cabbage submerged. Wait. Enjoy!


  1. I remember my German grandma and grandpa making kraut from scratch all the time. It sure was good!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Clint, I hope all is well with you and yours! We are indeed enjoying the kraut.


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