Wednesday, October 7

*gps... will travel..(and not get lost)

Recently I indulged a bit and purchased something that wasn't really necessary but necessary, if that makes any sense.  I will let you be the judge... A number of years ago I was planning a trip to visit some friends in Tennessee.  Car gassed up, map in hand, a navigator (Fallon, a young friend of mine) and the open road laid ahead of us.   The drive would be long, well a lot longer than we foreknew!  I think Kara, Henry and Fallon were just enjoying the drive and oblivious to all the wrong roads I had taken which took us to the top of some mountain... far away for our destination!  Poor Fallon had to console this, then thirty-something who was falling apart at the seams.  In my own defense... it was now dark and I had managed to get us up the mountain and the only way down was to DRIVE IN THE DARK back down the curvy unknow roads.  I did however give thought to staying over in a hotel until morning, but our fearless navigator rescued us!  Fallon was really a life saver on this trip, she took the  phone, got directions and literally led me out of that place we were in.  We did finally make it to the Nix family home and had a fantastic time while visiting.

On another occasion Robyn (Fallon's mother) and I were headed to the beach - this is when I found out I was in a situation of the blind leading the blind. It is also when I realized how Fallon had become so good at taking charge and directing like a pro.  I am happy to report that my friend Robyn now has a GPS as well (in fact it was her that spurred  me to buying mine) and now we can intrepidly travel til our heart is content

I am now looking forward to driving Henry to all of his swim meets across the state without fear that he will miss his first heat of each match.


  1. the story. Such a great memory (now that we can laugh about it!) I am SO happy to hear about the new GPS!
    "Ain't no stoppin' us now..."

  2. We LOVE our GPS! Especially here in Germany where if you miss your exit it takes at least 30 minutes to get turned around and headed in the right direction again. :(

    Didn't know Henry was a swimmer ~ my nephew is a SC swim champ! :) I know how much they travel with his swimming. You'll be soooo glad you got that GPS!!!!!

  3. lol I love these stories! My husband has been trying to convince me to get one too. He is gone almost all of the time and isn't here to save me when I get lost. I think that he got tired of me calling while he was on a business trip saying I was lost. lol
    Maybe I'll cave soon


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