Monday, October 19


Me , Momma, Bridgette & Lori ( my sisters)

Momma and some of the grand kids

Sixty-five. A number. Just a number. My mother will celebrate her 65th birthday but that number will not hold her down.  Our mother has more energy than all three of us put together on many a day.  She is a lady who works hard, rest hard ( her resting is laboring in her yards), and would really do anything for you.   

Our first cousins recently had a surprise birthday for their mother and so the idea began for just such a celebration for our mother, Mary!  All of the behind the scenes plans took place over the course of one short month. All of the pieces fell into pleasant places!  Most who were invited were able to attend although we did have a few regrets, sixty-some family and friends came out to honor our mother on her birthday.  My sisters and I were blessed beyond words really for everyone's sacrifice of their Saturday in which they spent with our mother.

Firstly, I love both of my parents very much, but what I am going to share with you may seem like I am painting a "poor ole me" picture of my mom - I AM NOT.  My father is a good man.  My father had some issues in his life that I think he allowed to push him towards alcohol early in his life and he was never able to tear away from it.  He is a good man. My mother and father were married for 22 years, not always in total bliss as one can imagine - living with an alcoholic. Painfully my mother and father went their separate ways about 23 years ago.   She loved my father deeply and lived through many an alcoholic episode because of her love. Love covers a multitude of sin.    They still live in the same county and are cordial with each other most of the time.  My father is a good man.  Since that time my mother has become a VERY independent woman. She can do anything pretty much.. or break a foot trying!

To see her really enjoying her "older years", brings total joy and greatfulness to my heart. She has some really sweet friends that is starting to weave a beautiful tapestry in her life.  To have seen this, first hand was really very special for me.

Birthday Bash Menu:
Veggie Platter with dip
Crackers with Spinach dip
Sweet Tea

Main Course:
Low Country Boil
Pulled Pork

Side Dishes:
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Lori's Famous Baked Beans
Hot Dogs & Buns

Cupcakes (Pumpkin, Strawberry, Lemon)
 Carrot Cake

Thanks to each and everyone who came out to celebrate with us! You made it great!

While my mother is usually very timely.. she delayed in her we waited...



Momma hugging her mother

 I think she was a bit overwhelmed!

Teresa (my cuz) and I prayed for cooler weather...we got it! Here Granny is all snuggled in.

Shelly (mom's adopted daughter)  & Uncle Vernon (my mothers brother)

Granny & Momma

My mom's dear friends - Joann & her hubby

 Low Country Boil.. YUMMY!

 A low country boil is a perennial favorite here on the coast of Georgia.  Easy to make in large quantities, it is a great main dish for a party.  Though we find that not everyone likes all of the ingredients and so we pair a low country boil with a traditional covered dish to make sure everyone can  find something to eat.

While we make our low country boil in the exact same setup (in terms of burner pot and strainer) as one could use for a deep fried turkey, it can also be made on a stove with a large pot.

The amount of each of the following will vary depending on the size of the crowd you want to feed, but you will want roughly equal proportions of the following.

1 or more packs of smoked neck bones
1 or more dozen eggs
5 or more pounds-whole new potatoes (cut into quarters)
3 or more pounds-corn on the cob (cut in half or thirds to make pieces about
3-4 inches long)
3 or more pounds-sausage (polska kielbasa style cut in pieces 2-3 inches
long) I used Georgia Boy....
1/2 lb per person-shrimp (with shells on)I left the heads on. I was told
that the shrimp would taste better.
Optional crab legs.

Cooking the Low Country Boil
Start by filling the container (we use a 30-quart pot for this recipe) half  full of water and adding Old Bay Seasoning to taste. Add the crab boil seasoning (your favorite to your taste.I used a whole can but I wonder if the bag is better)1 orange & lemon cut in half and squeezed into water & 1 artichoke (don't ask me why)

Bring water to a boil and add potatoes. I added the neckbones here so they would season the recipe. I also added the eggs pretty quick since they take 15:00 themselves. Cook for 15 minutes and add sausage. Cook for an additional five minutes and add corn on the cob. Cook for an additional three minutes and add shrimp. Cook roughly two final minutes or until shrimp is pink all over and begin to float. But be quick with the shrimp once they begin to float or they will get rubbery.


  1. I,we ,enjoyed ALL the festivies! I was honored to be there! Mary is a GREAT woman! She brought tears to my eyes, a few times! Wouldn't be Anywhere else! She is an honor to know, and someone to call a GREAT friend! I love you Mary(Meme)!!!!!!!!!It's me..Elaine!

  2. We call it Low Country Boil or Bog (I'm from SC) and we love it too. I've never had it with eggs ~ hmmm. Might have to try that. Funny how different southern coastal areas have their own version of this. What a great day for you mother and family!!


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