Thursday, October 15

*quality time with my boy

Quality time and touch are Henry's "love languages". (read more about your love languages here) Henry and I are having more opportunities for one on one time while Eric travels these days.  Eric's newest job has called for a lot of travel as of late.  Some of it he enjoys and some, not so much - mostly, not so much.  He, like all of us, would rather be in his own home at night, in his own bed sleeping and waking up with his beloved (that would be me).   But while he is away, Henry and I do more one on one stuff.   If you know me, you know that I do love to take pictures. My camera is always in my handbag ready to capture a moment or help create one to capture.   These are the silly pictures I took of Henry while at Lone Star last night. I just can't understand why he doesn't want to smile "purty" for me each time I want to flash the camera; that is - until he ask to hold the camera, then I understand. 



Oh yeh. I totally understand.

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  1. LOL I Love your facial expression in that last pic. I'm lucky that my little ones are still little enough that they still say 'cheese' and pose for my snapping of pics.


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