Friday, May 11

*april showers brings may flowers

These are a few of the potatoes we planted a few months ago.  We have had an abundance of rain this past week, so with this in mind I dug some of the potatoes to see if they were mature enough to dig.  I certainly did not want them to start to rot in the overly moist soil.  Turns out... they were ready!  I planted the potatoes (100lbs) over a course of a months, so we have some that are still producing.  I have decided that I like growing white potatoes better, because of the larger production per plant.  The white potatoes were also much larger then the red ones as well.
This is one of the many beautiful sun flower's that popped up in our gardens. This one had  about 7 blooms on the one stalk.  It was gorgeous.  Here are a few more that I have captured as well...

FIGS!  I planted this fig tree last year! Imagine my delight when I counted 18 little figs this year!
Lady bug, Lady bug thanks for visiting our gardens.
Once the beautiful golden colors have faded away, another beauty lies beneath. I really think the sunflower is beautiful with the contrast of the green around the edge of the flower with the grey seed heads. 

I have been quite busy. On some days I feel like a one legged man in a but kicking contest (one of my best friends sayings.. when I say it I feel close to her), anyway spring to late fall is a busy time around these parts. It doesn't matter if my thyroid is producing as it should (energy level up or down), or if I have a cold or any other aliment - plants still produce, grass and weeds grow exponentially.   As I said earlier, we dug about 1/4 of our potatoes, our first squash were picked this week, we continue to harvest asparagus daily (YUM) as well as snow peas. 

Happy Gardening!


  1. that looks so wonderful. Lots of work!, but wonderful

  2. Love, love love those sunflowers! I think I'll plan on planting some next year and see how they do.

    You are so far ahead of me but my garden is coming along slow but sure. I've started to see some flowers on the plants so it won't be long now.

    Don't ya just love this time of year? Lots of hard work but so rewarding at dinner time!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Your sunflowers are beautiful! We had one a couple of years ago that sprouted from the bird seed, It is the only one we have ever have grow( that one was a gift from God) all the ones we planted on purpose never made it.
    Happy Mother's Day!


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