Monday, May 21

*seeing green

Good Morning! Yesterday I mentioned that I had started a new quilt project. I must be loosing my mind, because I am sure that I have counted the unfinished projects that I have in my sewing room and listed them here before for all to see. When I finished up the kaleidoscope "chicken" quilt, I was already thinking about which one I would pull out to finish. That was until I got this grand idea to make quilt for a sweet young lady who is graduating in a few weeks. I seem to have a habit of trying to pull off quilt making in a minimum amount of time. The quilt may not be done by May 31, in fact I am sure it will not be, but I am making it anyway.  Oh and in case you didn't guess..her favorite color is GREEN!

I recently had been thinking about a bloggy friends quilt that she made a year or more ago for her son and I have been wanting to make one since I first saw hers.   I love the way her finished product turned out but I am not a fan of working with triangles. Here is another peek of her quilt in the works.  I have always loved following Jenny, because she is so very creative in her quilting and using her scraps so beautifully.  After thinking about her quilt, I did a search on how to make a chevron pattern quilt hoping for another way besides triangles. Alas, I found one!  Be forewarned, a lot of fabric is wasted unless you plan to use the pieces you cut away in another project (which I plan to do). 

To make a chevron pattern quilt or zigzag quilt you can do it making half square triangles, HERE is the site that will help you along the way if you are interested in making this at some point. Go ahead, pin that page.  I decided that I wanted to use 5 inch squares, to make my pattern with, so my cutting began on Saturday and I got quite a bit of sewing done through the weekend. I was a very slow, quiet weekend around the farm this weekend.  It was a weird feeling to be sewing in the middle of the day on a weekend, just goes to show that hard work during the week pays off!

 Can't you see the pattern starting to form? I can hardly wait to get these sewn together. I am hopeful to get some sewing in this week before Thursday hits.  We are having a big cookout at our place this weekend in honor of Memorial Day so I have some work to do around these parts in preparation.  Speaking of that,  I put new covers on the little pillows that sit on our back porch area. 

 I love making new pillow covers for the little pillows on the back porch. It adds a bit of color and fun!  I start with a piece of fabric about one and a half inch larger than the pillow itself and slice it right down the middle.  I do this to a complimentary fabric as well and take one from each piece and sew it back together.  For the back I use two pieces that fold over each other so I can easily slip the pillow in and out when it is time.  Stitch right sides together, turn it inside out, voila!

 This is some scraps I had from a previous project and a pair of old cut up jeans. After piecing it together I used a marker to mark the edges of the "redneck side table's" edges and then took it to my beloved serger.  It is not what I had in mind, not sure exactly what was in my mind, but it will do for a 'table' cover.

 Have a great week! I think I might be back on track with this blogging.. I am feeling it! <3


  1. I saw a new way to do half triangles. Put two squares of fabric together and sew all the way around the outside of the square then cut into halves and then cut those halves in half again and you end up with four half triangles. Is that wonderful? I have to try it myself. I think it would really save time although you have to figure out what size to make the squares to get the size half triangles you want...I hate math LOL.

  2. Denise! Thanks for sharing that tip with me. I went to google different ways to make half square triangles and look what I came up with: The math is already worked out for us on a number of different sizes. Can't wait to try this! Thanks again for commenting, you have made my work more thrifty!


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