Sunday, May 13

*rainy days welcome in so many ways!

This time last year we had little to no rain water on the ground. In the past week, we had about 4 rain days, glorious rain. In fact, it has rained pretty regularly here for weeks now. We have had to do some watering on the gardens, but just a little. With sunny days, plentiful watering, weeds grow- well, like weeds! If I miss a day of weeding (which I have many times) it seems like things grow exponentially. Couple that with a day of rain, a day away from home, another day of rain etc. When I finally do make my way back out to the gardens I am in need of the tiller to help me dig my way back to beautiful clean rows!

On the bright side, sometimes when it rains I get an opportunity to sew, read, bake or something else fun. This past week when it was raining outside... I set in a quilt! This is a Kaleidoscope Quilt pattern that I simply love! I have been working on this quilt for several years now. The top has been finished and waiting for the right day to come along. Normally I set my quilts in with two layers of batting, but I only put in one layer of cotton batting for this light weight quilt. Since it is a lap top size, I will be done in no time at all! This narrows the number of unfinished quilt tops to ONE! Then I will have to start to work on the partially pieced quilts.


  1. This is beautiful! Yay for having the time to spend on other pursuits.

  2. I'm hoping the rain we've been getting will help us to finally get some grass. :)

    Your quilt is beautiful, just love those little chicks at the bottom -you are so talented!

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous! How exciting to be getting caught up on the quilts!

    We haven't been getting the rain down here like y'all have been getting and we so desperately need it. Today is looking promising for some rain. I'm praying we get it!

  4. Those chickens! Too cute and oh so whimsical! I love it! // Here's a blog I thought you might be interested in: It's written by my blogger friend, Kristin, and she is oh-so-very-crafty, sorta like you! =)


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