Friday, October 12

*canning in the cupboards, meat in the freezer

This past week Eric and I started our day off with the duties of a homesteader at the top of our list.  When you raise rabbits for meat that means there has to be a butchering day, or that you load them up and take them to a processor.  We do it all from the breeding to the freezing right her at Erilyn.  We have had our feeder pens full for a little while now, but time has just not presented itself for a butcher date as we might have liked.

We started our morning off with prepping.  Cutting instruments, clean towels, hot pots of water, trash can lined, with holding food from the ones who would be butchered on this day.. etc. I am sure you don't want all the details.   I must tell you though, that Eric and I operate as a fantastic team. He kills and I butcher. We rocked it and killed, butchered, prepared for freezer - 20 rabbits which dressed out at approximately 32 pounds of meat.  Thirty-Two pounds of the leanest cleanest white meat you will find!  It has been dubbed as "cute meat".  So if you are at my house and we are eating cute meat AKA rabbit, enjoy!

We have 5 more fryers that are finishing out which will likely take a month or so, then we will be able to butcher them too.  Other that that we are down to our two does (breeding stock) and our buck (breeding stock) and one new litter of 6 that was born just this past week.   We are so grateful for the opportunity to raise our own healthy lean meat for our table!

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