Tuesday, October 9

*frayja shouts out a hi!

Frayja, our Great Dane, turned two in March, it seems like yesterday that we added her to our family. She is growing and maturing more and more all the time. She has just gained the privilege to go back in the gardening area with us when we are working in that part of the property. She has also been introduced to the barnyard while the chickens and turkeys are out free ranging. She is so controlled while we are walking around in the barnyard, we are really proud of her good manners.  We are constantly marveled at the fact that we have a dog, a beastly sized dog in our home.  If you know us well, I am sure you are still marveling too!

 Just this week she begged me to wear her skirt that her cousin, Kierstyn, gave her. She also is hoping that Kierstyn is saving her other old swim suit skirts for her, she loves dressing up (NOT).

 This image looks familiar I am sure, she is here often and surely I have shared this view of her with you before!

 I love this profile picture of her with her buddy Julie, in the background. 

 This is Frayja's mom, isn't she a pretty lady?~!

 This is  Frayja's daddy with two of her siblings.  Her father was VERY tall and lanky.  Frayja has really gotten quite a bit of height over the last year. We think she has finally topped out in her growth.  Estimating her weight now about about 140lbs.  She has some body fat on her chest area, so we have cut her feedings back just a bit.  She normally gets 4 cups of food in the morning and 4 cups in the evening. Her night time feeding now consist of 2 cups instead of the 4. She gets plenty of snacks through out the day as well, so don't feel too sorry for her.

 Second from the left, is Fray! Aren't puppies adorable!


  1. Really enjoyed these photos and Frayja in her special skirt. That's just too cute!

  2. Frayja is a sweetheart. I bet she thinks she's petite huh? That seems to be the way. Big dogs think they are small and small dogs think they are big....LOL. Love Mom's coloring. Oh, and that skirt - too funny.


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