Sunday, October 7

*chicken quilt update

UPDATE to the most recent post Unraveled and Tieing Up Loose Ends 

Yes, that fabric in the center with words says "Chicken Soup" with the recipe, sort of distasteful? Ha Ha. I love it! 

This evening I had some time to work on this quilt a little more.  This is what I got done thus far. Everything has been ironed down and is ready for the satin stitch except the letters C L U C K, C L U C K.  Should I leave the letters up by the chick or put them down on the bottom part of the quilt? I would love to have your opinions. I will of course be asking my dear husband, he is my right hand critique on all of my quilts.


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  1. Cluck Cluck is toooo cute. Sure hope that chicken can't read...:)


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